Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The new Garden Rail sales stand is open for business

16mm scale Garden Rail sales stand

And with that, the job was done and our sales stand is open for business. 

The posters, shrunk GR covers, bring the front to life a bit more. I should be able to peel them off for replacement in the future. Figures, who look nothing like anyone who will be around the stand (must do something about that) are from the Karas Kharicters range. Not the best, but with plenty of character which I prefer for a job like this. Caracature people work (IMHO) better for my sort of modelling. 

All being well, the next time you see this model will be on Saturday at the National Garden Railway show as part of our "Layout in a day".


Woz said...

G'day Mate,

No no no, you need 3 Phil's inside the sales stand deliberating over a loco on a test track.

3 more Phil's outside playing trains, oops, operating a model railway of your Layout In A Day.

Speaking of which, will it be the same design as your first Layout In A day ?

Yes, a great gesture with a tip of your hat to the personnel who man it, (not sure of modern day replacement terminology).

Speaking of Garden Railway playing, those recent 3 wheeled vehicles you posted through this thread, along with other vehicles of similar scale.
I thought you are going to model 4 wheeled flat wagons for then to ride on on your home garden railway or build a busy good shed scene with the transfer of goods
I feel those playing with tin plate trains & scale diecast vehicles shifting loads between the 2 & pushing the vehicles around, have got it made.

Cheers Woz
Sydney, NSW

Phil Parker said...

Woz - The Layout in a Day varies each year, but tends to have the same format. All my dreams of more expansive systems fall apart when reality dawns. I have to get it in the car, and be able to build it myself.

The road vehicles are too small a scale. 1/32 as opposed to 1:19 for the GIAD. Using them would offend my finescale thinking! :-)