Monday, June 27, 2022

Quickie coach

Green 4-wheel coach
Sorting out the rolling stock for last weekend, I found this little 4-wheel coach from Ash Models. It came to me as a kit for review back in 2019, and since building, has sat in various places awaiting paint. 

Ash Models coach

Quite what possesed me to tackle the paint job when I was already stupid busy with proper work, but put came a pot of Humbrol Grass Green paint. Not a good pot it turns out, the "liquid" needed a squirt of thinners to make it useable on a brush and not a trowel. Handy, as there wasn't that much left anyway. 

It took a couple of coats of thinned paint to produce a slighly careworn look that I've decided I quite like. There's the air of a workman's coach about this and they shouldn't be shiny. Mind you, had I realised the roof was loose, I might have taken the seat out and treated the body to a dose of primer so the first coat of paint didn't soak in as fast. 

Roof view

Once I had remembered the roof wasn't glued on, I set it aside for covering. A coat of PVA hold a sheet of printer paper in place. Once dry, a couple of coats of emulsion paint added the grey. One is a bit thick, but perfect for the job. The roof isn't perfect, but like the body, that seems to suit the model. 

Finishing touches are some nice Cambrian plastic door handles. At some point I'll add hinges too, but need to pick up a fresh pot of paint first. 

OK, so this was 3+ hours I didn't really need to spend, but at least the job is pretty much done, and I really like the results.

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