Monday, June 13, 2022

Striking lucky with transfers


Coach body with Garden Rail logos
Here's a bit of luck, or perhaps my penchant for not throwing things away finally paid off. 

The coach needs Garden Rail logos. In the past, I've printed them on one of the special sheets that can go through an inkjet printer. It's a reaonably easy process, but I work on the basis I'm probably going to muck things up, and so make more then I need.

Looking in the transfer (not decal) store, I found the ones leftover from my last job and they turn out to be the perfect size for the new carriage. A dip in some water, bit of Microsol and Set then a spray with Halfords satin laquer.

Adding the branding starts to bring the model alive too and keeps my interest up if it were flagging.


dana said...

HMM Could make another one and make it the tea ladys van from thomas tank engine

steve said...

Looks great!

Christopher said...

Good outcome with the transfers. Another vote from me for “transfers”, by the way. We are gradually losing our identity thanks to US media…