Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Wheels on


Closeup of wheels

With the bodywork nearing completion, it's time to add the wheels. 

Solebars are made up of two plywood laminations to produce a nice chunky piece of wood. Onto these, the whitemetal axleboxes are fitted, once their brass bearings have been instered. A fraction fit (put them in with  hammer) seems sufficient for these, especially on a model that isn't actually going to run. 

I wanted more then glue to hold the axleboxes, but was running low on really tiny screws, so each 'box gets a load of superglue and single screw, which seems pretty strong so I've be happy with this on an operating model. 

The steel wheels aren't the ones supplied with the kit, I can't find them at the moment, but some random wheels given to me months ago (thanks Earl) of unknown manufacture. It all comes in useful in the end!

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