Saturday, June 04, 2022

Saturday Film Club: 100 years of RNLI tractors

We always look at lifeboats, but for the technically inclined, the machines that movel them around are even more fascinating - and would be frustratingly difficult to model!


James Finister said...

The Shannons and their SLARs are really something else.

Did you know the tires on the wheeled tractors are partly filled with water, to stop them floating when crossing gullies

Phil Parker said...

Watching a Shannon beach itself is amazing. The more you look into those boats, the more impressive they really are.

Christopher said...

I’ve seen the St Ives lifeboat launch a couple of times with tractor-assistance, and it certainly was an impressive operation — although I’ve never seen it recovered. I didn’t know that it was a Shannon class boat, so I have learnt something new.