Friday, January 24, 2014

A crop of huts for 50p

Crop of huts

At the London model engineering exhibition (report coming up on Sunday) I picked up a bag from a box marked, "Everything 50p".

Inside were the models above. A Bachmann portaloo, Merit K6 telephone box and 4 Hornby fogman huts.

I'm not sure why I handed over my money - probably for the portaloo which is part of a set containing several pre-painted figures and therefore costs a lot. You never know when you need a portaloo.

What I don't understand is the 4 fog huts. Who needs 4? How did anyone end up with so many? If I remember rightly, these are supplied one to pack with two other plastic huts. Presumably someone has been buying lots of huts and decided to dispense with the extras that were surplus to requirements.

Hopefully I'll find a use for them although I suspect a long period in my stash of bits beckons first. If anyone is expecting a lot of foggy weather on their model railway, please feel free to make me an offer...


Andy_in_Germany said...

If you have a portaloo on your lyout don't forget to include the smell of ammonia and unwashed hands. They are truly foul things and I'm amazed cholera outbreaks haen't been traced to them.

Occasionally in my carpentry training I have to go to places where we use them and I now always carry a bottle of hand disinfectant so I don't catch anything. I'm also getting rathe rgood at holding my breath from entry to exit.

Nick Brad said...

I have one or 2 of those fogman huts kicking around and have always wondered what they were and what they were used for.

Can you give any suggestions on where would be suitable to place one of these so I can finally get it out of the spares box, where it has been for more years than I'd like to even contemplate.