Friday, January 10, 2014

Chassis spray paint

Chassis Painted"Street Art" has brought us many things, Banksy and errr, lots of kids scrawling on anything that doesn't move for a few minutes. Now it has produced my new favorite model loco chassis paint.

Picked up from 4D Models, this Bleton Molotow Premium spray can is in "Grey Black". Basically it's Railmatch Weathered Black in a spray can. Since I love the paintable colour, putting it into a spray makes life even easier.

After cleaning the freshly soldered chassis, a quick blast of etching primer, I sprayed the model with this paint. It's got quite a gentle action, some sprays seem to blast paint hard into the metal but these are more airbrush pressure.

The colour is good, a dark grey rather than black. It's very slightly shiny but if this is a problem a shot of Dulcote will fix this. Working in a cold atmosphere, the finish isn't perfectly smooth so I fancy weathering powders will stick well enough to handle this.

Sadly, 4D has dropped the range but looking at the manufacturers website, its still available.

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