Sunday, January 05, 2014

Calendar Time


New year, new NRM calendar.

Time to plough through the pages of 2103 to see what events I need to look up new dates for and add to the pages.

While I'm at it, I've updated my on-line exhibition diary in case anyone wants to know where they can find me trapped and having to be polite to them.

Obviously there are other events but at those I'm not attending in any official capacity so it you are smelly or obnoxious, I can bop you on the nose if I see fit.

It's quite shocking how many events are already in place. March is full of toy train shows and the end of the year is looking busy too.

Much of this is work - I'll need to be at all the BRM shows so that's 4 taken care of. I'm booked in to the L&WMRS event and the Kettering O gauge spring show. At the moment, I'm not planning to take one of my own layouts on the road but this could change depending on how circumstances change.

Mind you, there are lots of other events I want to go to - the IPMS show at Telford, Model boat show, Large model aircraft event. I could really do with more weekends in the year!

Am I alone in this? My suspicion is that the world is split in two types of person. There are those whose weekends are bursting at the seams and those who don't do anything and fill time with times from "We love telly" magazine. Personally, I'm happy to be the former even though it is frustrating at times when several events dates clash!

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