Thursday, January 23, 2014

Better layout lettering

Today's idea isn't new. It's not even particularly revolutionary - I mention it only because in the model railway world, there are going to be a few people who will say, "Why didn't I think of that." and then go away to copy what I've done.

Needing some letters for the Edgeworth fascia panel, I could have gone down the route of individual letters purchased from my favorite DIY store but having tried that on Clayhanger Yard, I wasn't keen on the results. They were just about OK but the vinyl stretched when I stuck them to the wood so some letters were slightly taller than others.

I've also painted my own lettering (Melbridge Dock) and used the biggest Letraset available in the local art shop sale (Hellingly). These worked but hand painting takes time and anyway, I'm not signwriter. The art shop is long gone and dry-print letters big enough for the layout probably don't exist anyway.

This time, I determined to do better than previous efforts. A quick search for local sign makers lead me to SignDepot based opposite a local branch of Sainsbury's in Warwick. After a quick phone call I was parked in said supermarket and nipped across the road to chat to the nice man in the shop.

15 minutes later I had the name cut out on a sort of super silhouette cutter complete with back and front papers. All I had to do was stick the thing to the fascia.

It's a fiddly job. Taking time to line everything up properly is well spent. Once the letters were smoothed down, the fronting sheet is gently pulled away to reveal a perfectly spaced name in suitably bold letters that will show up from a distance in an exhibition hall.

Cost - A very reasonable £18 including VAT.

Fuller details and photos will be in next months British Railway Modelling.


David Evans said...

I think you mean Sainsburys. Salisburys was a leather shop that used to be on Regent Street Leamington

Phil Parker said...

Thanks David. Odd typo now fixed.