Friday, January 31, 2014

Weathering powders are go

Ratio Hut

I don't know when I first used weathering powders on a model building, it was probably with an air of desperation when traditional methods had let me down or I was fighting a deadline and wished the paint would dry. Now, every building I produce is on the receiving end of a dusting.

The Ratio Yard Office is no exception. Around the lower brickwork there is a hint of Humbrol green to simulate rising damp. After this dark brown with perhaps a hint of rust grubbies up the brickwork. Finally, smoke is heavily applied to the chimney (which has been drilled out so it looks hollow) and dusted on the roof.

The tones are amazingly subtle. Scrubbing away with the bristle brushes seems to blend the colours in a slightly magical way. I'll be pretending that it's all skill but that wouldn't be entirely true.

Overall, a nice little quick project. The only improvement I can think of would be a thinner window, perhaps something etched. Even glazing with Krystal Klear doesn't really hide the depth of the frame. Next time (I'm sure I'll build this again) I could paint the inside edges of the frame with black and only the front surface with white.

Hmmm, you never stop learning.

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