Thursday, January 16, 2014

Return of the pink tractor

David Brown Tractor

Last year I was noodling around with ideas for reproducing an aircraft towing tractor found in an old photograph. At the time, my ideas revolved around using a plastic kit with a few modifications. The parts are still in a little pot kicking around the deepest recesses of my workbench.

Mooching around Trinders sale last week, having decided I really don't need any more random plastic kits, I browsed the Oxford diecast collection and spotted they have introduced a cast metal version! Another kit I probably don't need to bother building I suppose.

I'm amazed that there are enough sales in something like this, especially when you realise that it's produced in 1:76 scale to match other models in the range rather than 1:72 to match plastic aircraft kits.

Not to worry, I handed over £4.50 for my little model as I have other plans for it in the future. For the moment, I've shoved it around the desk (come on, we all do this with toy car don't we) but Mr Nitromors will be featuring in its future I suspect.

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