Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hair spray

Hair Spray"Do you use product sir?"

"Yes, but no on my hair, only on my model railway!"

It's true. The Parker barnet might only see shampoo and conditioner but I do find myself the current owner of 4 cans of hair spray.


Because it is a very good, but weak, adhesive. Ideal for scenic work such as sticking layers of flock powder down on electrostitic grass, partly because it works well, partly because it's stupidly cheap but mostly because it doesn't smell as horrible as the alternatives like matt varnish.

Current favourite is Morrisons Extra Hold (Hint: ALWYS buy the extra hold version whatever the brand) which doesn't seem to be as presurised as other versions.

This means that when I spray it over a tree or bush before sprinking with scatter materials, the laquer doesn't blast anything already present on the model off into the corner of the room. Since I tend to build up layers of flock, this is A Good Thing.

Hedge and tree

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Andy_in_Germany said...

We use this in bike maintenance as well: it is perfect for holding handlebar grips in place: brand unimportant but the cheaper stuff is stickier.