Thursday, January 09, 2014

Coal stage and Edgeworth Part 2 in BRM

Christmas plays havoc with magazine deadlines and left me a week shorter than I'd have liked. Part 2 of the layout supplement I'm writing was taking a bit longer than I hoped so there were a few late nights - needless to say I got my copy in on time and now you can enjoy it in print.

Edgeworth isn't confined to the supplement. I've taken the opportunity to turn a bit of it into a 2 hour project. In defiance of the trend toward buying buildings ready to plonk on your model, I decided to scratchbuild, and in wood too!

Coal Stage with Prarie

The prototypes were often pretty crude structures making them ideal for people who want to have a crack and building something themselves. The main material used is coffee stirrers, which you can retain after your drink, or buy for stupidly small prices from catering suppliers.

In the bag with the magazine of course, is part 2 of the layout building supplement. I've taken the model to the stage you see below. Buildings are made up from kits, hills have some Action Man hair style covering and the things is coming together nicely. A backscene makes the model look larger than it is and again I've eschewed the fashionable options with a Peco product. There are good reasons for this, which I've explained in print.

Part 3 next month, sees the model come alive with details. The hills lose their uniformity and I'll make up some legs and lights so the model can be taken out to exhibitions. We'll need some rolling stock too, so I'll be Pannier tank shopping.

Layout stage 2

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