Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dragline digger

Bennie Ruston-Bucyrus 54RB

I'm a bit busy today, so please amuse yourselves by looking at these pictures of a Bennie Ruston-Bucyrus 54RB I spotted at the Snibston Discovery Museum a couple of weeks ago.

I don't know much about this fantastic machine, nor the museum I didn't have time to look around. The website looks good so I must make an effort to go back and have a proper nose around. In the meantime, if anyone is a dragline expert, please fell free to fill in the details in the comments. I'd be interested and I suspect, so will everyone else.

Bennie Ruston-Bucyrus 54RB detail


Ian Cooper said...

I've not been to 'snibo since Mr. Coulls left, but I seem to remember him telling me the engine on the dragline had stuck a leg out of bed, so little prospect of seeing it working again.

Duncan Young said...

There is a steam powered Ruston Bucyrus at Beamish which now stands among other exhibits. It was steamed in the carefree and non H&S days of the early 70s' and its boiler is about the size of a Black 5. It needs a king's ransome to mend it but what an attraction it would be.