Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Armoured painting - Part 2


Puzzling on how I might finished painting on the RH&DR armoured train took a quite a while. The problem is that the real thing wouldn't have had time to get properly dirty but neither would it have been clean.

At one point I seriously considered airbrushing the model with some light hazy colours but this seemed like too much work and likely to end up overdone.

With a nice matt finish though, weathering powders came to rescue. The posts mine came in site in a plastic tray. This sits in a slightly larger tray (they are supposed to be a box) over which I do most of my "powdering". The leftover dust collects in the tray and mixes to a pleasing brown colour.

Dusting the model worked very well. Vertical strokes from top to bottom look good and replicate the way rain washes dirt. Mixing the brown shades results in a nice subtle variation in colour - rather more subtle than the photo shows to be honest.

To finish, some sooty black around the chimney  and we are ready for final assembly.

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