Friday, July 04, 2014

Yakking at Daventry

Last Friday, I was honoured to be invited to give a talk to the members of Daventry Model Railway club.

I assembled some electronic slides showing my progress through the model railway hobby hobby. Basically, lots of pictures of layouts I've built with me standing in front of the screen explaining why I built them and where I went wrong.

All this seemed to go down well with the 15 or so people present. At least they said nice things and gave me a round of applause. I stick a Q&A section in at the end as people usually have something they want to ask and this went on nearly as long as the "proper" talk. We had a great time!

Looking around the clubrooms, it's not a huge area but looks great to me. Based in an industrial unit fitted with a mezzanine floor, there is layout building space in 4mm scale downstairs. On the upper level what would normally be an office is home to the N gauge crew and outside this is the meeting room and kitchen.

It's all good and friendly - just the sort of group you want to join if you live in the area and are involved in the hobby. There are people like this as the piles of model railway magazines in the local shops go down every month far faster than the membership alone could buy them!

After this, we headed off for a delicious Chinese meal to chat about real trains, toy trains and other stuff. I left at quarter to twelve having enjoyed a great evening. Who says this isn't a social hobby?

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