Tuesday, July 01, 2014

How big is the armoured train?

Chris asks:
I was very interested to read your latest few posts on the RHDR armoured train, partly because I have always been interested in it and partly because I have always had a hankering after doing some minimum gauge stuff in 00.

My much-in-the-planning-not-so-much-in-reality model railway Penlowry will have a section with Z gauge track (which is of course nearer to 18" gauge). Since it was going to be a simple out and back I was pondering how to do an automated train without having to go to a lot of hassle to automate a loco running round its train and recoupling - the RHDR armoured train solves that.

Anyway, point is, I have donor chassis, I've just done a bit of prelim research on what bogies to use for the wagons but I wondered if you could just give me a basic x-y-z dimension check of loco and wagon for me before I purchase one. I know this is a little cheeky but I don't want to fork out £30 just to find it is overscale and looks ludicrous on z gauge track.

No problem. The loco and carriages are 20mm wide. Length and height as shown below.

Measurements Loco

Measurements Carriage
Hope this helps. I look forward to seeing the finished version!

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