Monday, July 28, 2014

T360 chassis and interior

Chassis built

Neat bit of design inside the T360. Vehicle interiors can be a bit of a nightmare for plastic kit makes. Ideally you want to attach them to the insides of the body but then fitting the glazing becomes tricky. Worse, the job has to be carried out upside down so the body can be plonked on to of the chassis.

If the car is a monocoque then matters only get worse. I must build one one day to find out how they do it.

Anyway, here the sides fit in to holes in the floorpan and are separated by the dashboard. No representation of pedals is provided since you can't see them, but a handbrake lever is (it fits alongside the driver and must have got in the way when getting in an out of the door) and you can't see that either!

At the back, the exhaust wraps around the rear axle, a bit of a fiddle until you work out how to thread it through.

Biggest disappointment so far - the tyres. While rubber might be the correct material, when they have as much flash around the centre lines as these did, I for one would prefer hard plastic. Some work with a pair of curved nail scissors cured the worst bits but I'm not really happy with the results.

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