Sunday, July 27, 2014

Poppies in the four foot

Poppies in the trackwork

Following on from yesterdays post showing a Class 31 at Leamington, here's a rather less agreeable part of the modern railway scene.

Once upon a time, plate layers were allocated lengths of line. They were responsible for their allotted section and would maintain it in excellent condition, sometimes winning awards for their efforts.

Nowadays, people are expensive, and so is weedkiller. Pretty as these poppies are, I can't help feeling that growing between the rails on platform 2, a very busy road, doesn't say anything complimentary about Network Rail and it's efforts to look after the infrastructure they are responsible for.

Of course, modellers love this sort of thing. I look forward to seeing miniature versions of this on layouts in the future...

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Iain Robinson said...

The marketing folk at Network Rail would say it was all part of the 1914-18 commemoration thing :-)