Monday, January 16, 2017

A Knightswork?

Looking for a quick and easy project to kick off the modelling year, I dug out something bought at ExpoNG a few months ago.

Described by Mercian Models amusingly as "A Knightswork" , I bought the kit from the Parkside Dundas stand - pretty much a one-stop-shop for the 009 modeller. I'll be honest, I was inspired by the show and felt I ought to leave with at least one kit and this appealed.

Of course, once you start, you can't always stop. More of that in the future.

Anyway, in the packet is everything you need to complete the kit apart from solder, glue and paint. I don't know the prototype, but it appears to be a box on wheels for carrying water.

A quick look on-line reveals this photo by Roger Marks:

Ffestiniog Brine Tank Wagon

which claims it to be a brine carrying wagon, for hauling water for a swimming pool.

Interesting, but there are detail differences with the kit such as the tank body being wider than the chassis.

Not to worry, like most NG modellers I'm not looking for a model of a particular wagon, just something that can be "typical" for a freelance operation.

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