Friday, January 20, 2017

Superglue and paint

Once the wagon has been cleaned up, it was time for superglue. I know "real" modellers only use solder but I'm pragmatic and know when to stop burning my fingers. 

First up, the axlebox cover pieces were fitted. One needed a little modification to fit around the brake lever I'd previously soldered to the tank side. A quick snip of the corner with scissors sorted this and you can't see the fudge. 

Next, although a piece of nickel silver is supplied to be rolled for the tank filler body, I used a length of fat plastic rod topped with the disk from the kit. 

Next up a coat of etching primer and followed by some Halford's matt black. This is more of a satin shade but I reckon it will look OK after weathering, which is the next step. 

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