Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The first job is riveting

Most of the building of this kit took place while I watched Sherlock on TV. Watched is a bit strong perhaps as I'm rubbish at actually sitting still and gawping at the box like we are all supposed to, but it was on and I enjoyed it in the same way I enjoy a book during a train journey - I like to look up from time to time to see the scenery change.

Anyway, there was much concentration for the first part of the wagon build - rivet pressing.

There are an awful lot of little half-etch marks to be turned into dimples on the sides. I used a GW Models Press but I'm sure a blunt nail would have done just as well.

By the end of the job, Sherlock had done something (I forget what) and I had a slightly buckled component with lots of fake rivets. A little massaging with fingers straightened things up so I could move on to soldering.

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