Thursday, January 26, 2017


My dad is building a 1:72 model boat that needs railings around the edge of the deck. Obviously we started by looking in the model railway world.

First up, we have with LX097-OO Tube Style Safety Railings.  Roughly 558mm in length and 16mm tall, these are laser cut from laserboard. I like the joins between the tubes with representations of the joining tube bits. Possibly they are a bit modern for this boat, but they would be ideal for a modern image layout. 

Ratio have also produced some nice railings. 

Pack 44 Stanchions Double Rail includes 20 stanchions (the vertical bit) and many 75mm long lengths of wire to run between them. Being plastic, I think they might be a bit more model boat friendly but perhaps not as "nudgeable" as the ones above. Plastic isn't that strong, but if we are careful, probably strong enough.

All this is a lot cheaper than the turned brass from model boat people, no matter how nice it looks. After all, when you need railings, you need quite a lot of them.

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Andy York said...

I'm thinking those lasercut railings may trim down nicely to replace the soft bendy plastic ones on the forthcoming Golden Valley Janus. I was going to go brass wire but these may be a quick substitute dependent on spacings.