Thursday, January 19, 2017

Soldering done

Dinky little wagon this one. 24mm long and weighing next to nothing. 

Soldering wasn't painful. All the joints were made inside the box, a job possible because there isn't a floor to get in the way. Bearings were fitted with the axles in place and then quickly soldered to ensure they were the correct distance apart. Fast work with plenty of flux required to avoid toasting the plastic wheels. 

Amazingly, after all this the model sat flat on glass. If not, a quick twist would have fixed it I'm sure. It ran freely too. I must be having a good day!

The brake lever is provided, but no method of joining it to the wagon. A bit of wire would have done, but I used a brass pin. The head is a bit chunky in the photo but looks OK on the model. 

Next up, superglue time.

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