Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Warehouse Wednesday: Fishing huts

Scarborough fishing sheds

Spotted in Scarborough a few years ago, these "huts" for fishermen are part of a new-ish quayside development. The roof is a walkway presumably so the tourists can watch the traditional goings on from a safe distance, or perhaps to get them out of the way of locals who don't appreciate having cameras pointed at them as they do the day job. 

Whatever, they are very neat, but I wonder what actually gets stored in the buildings. There's so much stuff outside on the front that is too big to go in those single doors, I can only assume that there are valuable tools to be kept under lock and key. 

The "stuff" is interesting, although for modellers there is a the challenge of reproducing lobster pots in small scale. I know someone makes cast resin ones but they miss out on the see-through effect that gives the pots their look. 

I don't know what UMBUDAMIDLUN is either...


Anonymous said...


Umbudamidlum is an Icelandic equipment leasing/rental business, Basically a 'rent a crate' type operation.


Anonymous said...

Google is your friend

Brian G

Odds said...

I've found a way of making lobster pots from wire for the frame and very fine mesh made for pond filters. Works a treat in 7mm scale anyway. But those "sheds"could be electro-platers or antique restorers. They're hideous!

Toria said...

Just to let you know the location of the huts is actually Bridlington, just a few miles down the coast from Scarborough.

And they are still just as busy today....