Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Clapperboard warehouse

Corsham warehouse

Looking through folders of old photos taken at exhibitions, I found this building. I like to go for a stroll around during shows and snapping buildings as I pass. Sadly, I'm less good at noting where I was when I took them. 

The folder is from Trainwest 2009, so I assumed the building was probably in Corsham, but after posting the photo on Flickr, Andy tells me it's actually in Chippenham. More that that I can't tell you - it's a mystery.

No mystery why I took the picture though. A lovely mix of clapperboard over a stone base. No idea what it was built for but that doesn't matter. Plenty of character and if you are happy scribing your own stonework, not that difficult to make.

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Jeffrey Showell said...

This certainly is an interesting building and I took a virtual walk in Chippenham to see if I could find it. Andy's mention of a weighbridge gave me the clue that it's adjacent to the railway station--and it is, on Old Road. Unfortunately, the building's location means that the only face of the building visible on Street View is the same as in your picture. The surroundings are not inspiring. The wall on the left separates the building from a materials yard for a Home Base.