Sunday, May 03, 2009

Brake hanger jig

Brake hanger jigNormally I can't be bothered to make jigs. Obviously for many people if you are carrying out a repetitive job it makes complete sense to construct a tool to ensure consistency in construction. Often the time spent making the jig is more than saved in increased production speed to say nothing of improved accuracy.

Me - I'm normally too lazy and will struggle on rather than devise something to help.

Not this time though - 6 brake hangers for wooden brake shoes were required and even I spotted that trying to hold all the parts in place and wield a hot soldering iron was a recipe for frustration. Well, that and I realised that the jig needed to be no more than three holes drilled in a bit of wood and couple of lengths of wire.

T o use the jig, the first hanger was threaded over the wires. Then the brake shoe and second hanger were put on the middle one and then on top of the first. The shoe was soldered in place with loads of flux and a reasonable slug of solder. Finally the centre wire was chopped back to become the pivot the shoe hangs on. Simple and effective, a bit like me really !

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