Monday, May 11, 2009

Painted coach side

Painted coach side
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A coach side in a single colour shouldn't be too challenging to paint. Having been asked for "something vintage" and using the box photo as a guide my aim was browny/red with pale brown sliding windows in the doors.

Attempt number one involved a bottle of Revell email airbrush-ready carmine red. It sprayed superbly but came out a lot brighter and redder than the bottle top colour would indicate. As a paint for airbrushing though it worked so well I'll be stocking up on some of the basic colours to save the trouble of thinning standard paint.

Attempt two went better. Humbrol 73 (Wine) turned out a much better match for the paint in my imagination. Next the black bits (ends and solebar) were brush painted with matt black. The grab handles etc. could have been scraped back to brass but I find paint gives a neater job.

Transfers came from a 4mm sheet intended for coaches. Large numbers for the doors would have been my first choice but smaller text has worked very well indeed. In fact I think they look more sophisticated.

Finally a spray of satincote varnish which protects the transfers and brings the body colour alive.

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