Friday, May 22, 2009

More lining

Lined coal tank body
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker
That grey lining look so good yesterday. Then I started with the red lines and realised that it wasn't as perfect as I though. In the end I spent an entire morning chasing around the coal tank locomotive body fiddling with paint.

First the red lines went on. Then I re-worked some of the grey ones which now appeared to be incorrect. Then added black between them where required. And repeated the whole process. Again. And again.

After a tea break I moved on the the last bit - on the inside edge of the grey line there is a cream one. Deep joy ! By this point I was getting my eye in and was finding some from my selection of bow pens easier to use than others. Those with a flat and curved tips didn't work quite as well for thin lines as those with two curved tips so I employed the later for the cream bits.

OK - so this isn't as good as one of the best pros would do it. I always say that I produce a "layout loco" rather than a glass case example, but I'm quite pleased with my lining. I'd certainly be happy to run it on any layout and I've seen a lot worse at shows. From normal viewing distane it looks good. You'd possibly get a slightly better result from transfers although I doubt it would be any less trouble to do - except in front of the cab where matching that curve would be impossible and on the splashers. Leaving these areas blank would be the best option I suspect..

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