Saturday, May 30, 2009

Garage signs.

Garage signs.
Originally uploaded by finestoneminiatures

You gotta love teh interweb. As many will know, the photos on this blog are hosted on Flickr. I like the ability to upload a photo and then blog straight from the site.

I also watch a few people's uploads and occasionally spot things that deserve a wider audience. Today finestoneminiatures uploaded a couple of very nice sheets of garage signs taken from his own photos. To use them, all you'd need to do is print onto some semi-gloss photo quality paper and cut out with a sharp knife.

Result: Instant decoration for the price of a bit of ink and some paper. Even if they fade a bit over time the results shouldn't be unlike the real things fading in sunlight !

Boat modellers might like to print them on some of that "make your own decals" stuff and then use on racing boats for sponsorship logos. Give them a coat of varnish and you'll be fine.

Sheet two here.

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