Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Clean Y6

Clean Tram loco

Black bits painted with Halfords satin black, brown bits as per yesterdays post. The roof was a ngithmare - Railmatch weathered balck dried gloss, subsequent Humbrol matt black dired patchy gloss, three coats of Testors dullcote fixed this but I did wonder if a strip and re-paint would be required.

SMS Waterslide transfers sit on a coat of Johnsons Klear. Those on the bufferbeam aren't right (I think they should be shaded but there weren't any like that on the sheet) but will vanish under dirt soon. Beofore that step though, the engine was sprayed with Humbrol satin varnish from an aerosol 'cos I couldn't be bothered to mix it for an airbrush. Nothing wrong with a rattle can for this sort of job anyway.

Loco now pretty but far too clean.


lnrmodels said...

That's one darn fine looking model there Phil. It looks great as it is - would look completelty at home as a restoration job museum piece with red cords around the perimeter :) I'm very much looking forward to seeing it dirtied up though...

Phil Parker said...

Thanks for the complements but I don't do clean locos!

Watch this space.