Monday, May 20, 2013

Glazing the Y6 windows


Both the sides and ends of the Y6 tam feature windows. On the model these are supplied slid out of the way as part of the etch. That's great, but you build and paint the model, then have to put some glazing in. It's not a step to be missed out but whereas normally you just stuff and bit of plastic behind the opening.

Not to worry, I always use Krystal Klear for glazing, even when I shouldn't. This time it worked a treat. As well as covering the hole as you can see, it can be puddled into the bit along the side of the body. By holding the tram so the glazing was drying flat and not over-filling the frame, I achieved a flush glazed window that you can see the body side through.

And yes, I am quite pleased with myself thank you.

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