Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nice weather for trains

Garden Train

A few days ago, the weather was lovely and we brought the garden railway back to life. After some re-ballasting, well quite a lot actually, the power was connected up and the trains ran.

A recently purchase of a Bachmann tramcar in Hersheys chocolates livery performed a few circuits but finally found a bit of dirty track (we had cleaned it) so little Otto was sent around the circuit to rescue it. The result is really pretty little train. I wonder if I can get an unpowered tramcar to make a coach?

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James Finister said...

I believe people have spliced together two of the tramcar bodies to approximate to the Plynlimon & Hafon carriage.

I've sometimes thought about a tramway based garden line as a solution to the small space issue. The line at Bekonscot is a simple end to end abd despite a lack of overhead manages a certain "atmosphere"