Sunday, May 26, 2013

Matchstick tramcar

File this under "This is what happens to your models when you die."

The model is a 1908 tramcar made from the Matchbuilder kit. Someone has carefully assembled it from card and many thousands of artisits matchsticks. From a High Wycombe charity shop, it's yours for 15 quid.

Is it sad to see the model here? I would be very surprised if it finds a new owner - far more likely that after it gets dusty and a bit bashed, it is quietly shuffled out the back for disposal.

But. The fun with this sort of model is in the building. Once complete, you can stare at your efforts for a while but maybe you then feel the urge to have a go at the traction engine from the same range. If there isn't sufficient space for both models, is there anything wrong with passing the old one on? Maybe I'm wrong and someone else will look at it, fall in love and provide it with a good home.

Me, I'm too sentimental. I'm rubbish at getting rid of anything that has eaten my time. One day I'll be buried under a mountain of model railways and boats.

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Iain Robinson said...

My Dad used to build mighty galleons and sailing ships out of matchsticks...they were quite large things. My Mum, however, was a jealous woman and one day my Dad had been caught chatting up a rather glamorous neighbour, or so she said. I was only seven at the time, so wasn't quite aware of the subtleties of adult relationships. Anyway, she burnt the ships in the back garden on a bonfire. I was consumed with guilty glee as the blaze was very entertaining, as was my Mum's anger...luckily, my Dad was a very forgiving man!