Friday, May 03, 2013

Y6 loco crew

Loco CrewBuying figures in 7mm is exciting. Yes, it costs a lot of money, but not that much more than you shell out for decent 4mm figures. The great thing is that there are some really nice miniature people out there.

My choices are, on the left a driver wearing a bowler hat from S&D Models (OF23a). To the right, engine crewman mopping brow from PLM cast-a-ways (C300).

Costs are £3 and £2.20 respectively.

That extra 80p buys much finer detailing and sharper moulding. Whether that matters to you probably depends on the loco the little man will be stuffed in to. The driver does have a posable arm, although I had to vandalise it so he could look out of the Y6 engine window. The result is a bit odd (ad fell off as I took the photo, hence the dodgy superglue repair.

I didn't notice the difference in height until the photo was set up. It's not a big problem and will be even less so when they are at opposite ends of the engine.

The S&D range is very impressive though. Modelling as good as the Monty's range in 4mm scale. Even if I didn't have a loco to fill, I enjoyed painting him immensely.

Modelling note: Both figures were primed and painted from the Humbrol range. A final coat of Railmatch weathered black deepened the shadows and added some footplate muck.


lnrmodels said...

I'd have to agree, I think the driver looks great. You've done a nice job on the painting too, Phil. Can't wait to see them in the model.

mog said...

I really rate those S&D phoenix figures. being a wargamer and painter of many many figures, these are well sculpted characters that paint up well.

neil whitehead said...

Bloke in bowler: Ere Jack wots wrong?
Bloke with spade: That Phil as only gone and poked me in the eyeball with a No.3 round filbert, the bugger!

Anonymous said...

Are we sure he's wiping his brow? That looks like a facepalm, like he's saying 'Argh, I left my lunchbox on the platform'!

Phil Parker said...

Hee hee hee!

Frank Collins said...

I wouldn't worry too much about the height Phil.
It's not as we are all the same height in 12" to the foot scale!
Anyway the drivers nick name is shorty!

Duckie. said...

Like boats Phil, they don't look the same without people on do they.