Friday, May 17, 2013

First weathering wash

First weathering wash

I mentioned a few days ago that I wasn't sure if the Matt Leather paint was a bit bright for the Y6 woodwork, but even if it was, I had a plan.

The plan was a wash of Precision Paints new track colour. Not a heavy wash, just enough to give the previously painted sides a bit of life.

Painting isn't sophisticated, I dip a big brush in turps and then into paint, splodge it on the inside of the tin lid and if it looks right, apply to the bodyside. If I need more thinners, a bit picked up on the brush is sufficient. Inside I did the same with weathered black paint, some of which seeped out to the front and mixed in with the brown. You can see the darker staining around the bottom of the edge of the front.

Left to dry, the effect isn't bad. Many people would leave it at this. I think I need more colour though so the next step will be a bit of dry-brushing around the bits that get wear and the a final shot of airbrush dirt.

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lnrmodels said...

it's looking great. Relly coming to life