Saturday, May 25, 2013

High Wycombe & District MRS open day

CakesWhile not a conventional model railway exhibition, the HW&DMRS open day last Saturday featured 14 layouts in various stages of completion. There are plenty of "proper" shows that don't offer that!

Located in the top floor of a rather interesting old industrial complex, a short climb up the stairs (there is a lift) brings the visitor to what the website describes as "a model railway paradise!"

What you find is two rooms stuffed full of British and Amercian protytpe layouts. The HW&DMRC has a healthy section devoted to prototypes from accross the pond and judging by the results, they are pretty good modellers.

N gauge America

In addition to the club layouts, Graham Muspratt displayed "Fisherton Sarum", his 4mm scale Southern shed layout. Three generations of the family were on hand to operate the models along with a fourth in miniature form on the layout itself.

Fisherton Sarum cottage

In the back room there is Hinton Parva, the sort of epic layoput that you only get to build if you belong to a model railway club or have a whopping great house. I snuck into the middle and operated one end the fiddle yard for a few minutes. Since this allowed me to drive both an LMS and LNER Garratt, this was pretty good. I'll be returning to this another day as the operating system is worth closer examination.

Hinton Parva

The highlight of course, was the catering. A pink of beer, lots of suasage rolls (yummy!) and some truly delicious cakes made the event for me. Best of all, the food was laid on for free by the club to attract starving modellers. I understand at least 2 new members had signed up by the end of the day so it's a good start.

A very enjoyable visit from a very friendly group of modllers. Do hop over to thier website and have a look. Sadly, you don't get cake this way but you can't have everything can you?

I've also put some of the photos I took during the visit here.

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