Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Kipper Box

Kipper Box Bits

I hate kippers. Nasty smelly things that leave their reek hanging around the house for days after they have been consumed.

Sadly, the Isle of Man is full of the things. The only saving grace is that you can send them by post to people you don't like. Admittedly the posted version is vac-packed to keep the pong in, but you can hope that your victim will foolishly open the plastic.

Anyway, modelling Manx means considering kippers, hence this 5 minute project. A Laser-cut kipper box from a supplier whose name I now can't remember. I picked it up at the 16mm Assoc AGM which I'll be writing up over the weekend.

Assembly was with alphatic resin and a quick, a poh wood glue that dries fast and is (apparently) previous so stains. Weathering is from NG Trains wood weathering solution. As the box should be new, you don't want out-of-date kipper as they will smell even worse, hence not too much weathering.

At £1.50, I'll not be buying many of these, but the odd one hanging around the station will look good.

Kipper Box

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Nigel said...

I remember an article on Concorde that said that finding a way of cooking kippers for the complimentary breakfast without the galley stinking the plane out was one of the many advances made by the project. So not only did it fall easy on the eye, it did not offend offend the nose.

Opinion was divided as to the effects on the ear.

If I remember correctly the solution was to coat the kipper in egg white. It sealed the odours in but did not affect the flavour.