Saturday, May 18, 2013

Slim Gauge Circle meeting 2013

CrawlerThe Slim Gauge circle meeting isn't an exhibition per se, more a meeting in a social club on the edge of Rubgy where there will be some layouts, a demo or two, some trade stands and a load of people selling off bits and pieces they need to get out of the cupboard.

The demos by the Pheonix group are always impressive. This is modelling I aspire to. Lots of scratchbuilding, loads of detail. Lots of time to build and probably impossible if you want to make anything larger than a diorama. Doesn't matter though, I still hope to pinch the odd idea.

Trench Digger

Elsewhere, there were a couple of On30 modules. One of them had really nailed the dusty colours of the wild west of America. Or at least what I think the wild west of America looked like based on extensive research watching westerns.

Hopper Train

Finally, I have to mention the chunky PCB based trackwork for a G gauge. Looks great with Code 200 rail and tight pointwork. Once painted, this stuff should look a lot like the typical narrow gauge American spiked trackwork. Better still, it looks great fun to build !

Big fat PCB track

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