Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Return of the Boiler House

Boiler House Front

Many years ago, I built a model of the Boiler House from the now demolished Midland Counties hospital in Leamington Spa. It wasn't a precise model, there were no measurments taken - I just counted bricks, but the effect wasn't bad. It looked pretty convincing in its intended home slap bang in the middle of the L&WMRS O gauge layout of the time.

Boiler House back

That layout still exists, but has bee re-worked and the building was surplus to requirements. I know this 'cos it popped up on the second hand stall for £20. A little negotiation reduced this to a tenner and I now have plans for it on Clayhanger Yard.

Construction followed my usual Daler board covered with Slaters Plasticard methods and despite being at least a decade old, they seem to be holding up pretty well.

Boiler House inside
The walls are braced with strips of card and have hardly bowed. Were the model permanently fitted to a board I reckon it would be as square as the day it was built. This isn't down to careful storage either - the original clubrooms was a damp cellar, the next a loft that could get exceptionally hot. Only the current one offers reasonably consistent temperatures.
Anyway, I plan to line the inside of the model with plywood and then remove the side wall that will be against the backscene. That will create a nice size cubby hole for mugs of tea and general exhibition junk.
The outside will need a re-paint as Clayhanger uses pencil crayons for brick painting and the structure has to match. This is a bit of a shame as I think the dry-brushed brickwork looks nice and probably took me an age to do at the time.
It's a pleasure to re-visit an old model and find I'm still happy with it. It's even nicer to think that the boiler house will have a new lease of life and didn't just end up crushed in a pile in the clubrooms or dumped when no longer wanted.
It's nice to return to a 

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