Tuesday, April 13, 2021

A question of scale


Pay attention when shopping on eBay. These resin plants were sold to me as 16mm scale models. The tallest is 33mm to the bottom of its pot, a bit bonsai. 

I should have spotted the Oxo cube included in the corner of the photo. If I had, I'd have realised the diminutive size of the models, which I'd assumed would be the sort of thing you see in planters on  you see on a station platform. No size was quoted in the description, and there was that cube, so I need to shut up about it. 

I'm not too worried, each plant cost me just over 60p, so the bank isn't broken. I also enjoyed an evening painting them up, so cheaper than the same amount of time in a pub, and I still have some pretty plants for a 16mm scale windowsill at the end of it. 

Next time though, I'll pay attention properly!

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