Friday, April 02, 2021

R475 - Platform with operating crane


With my collector hat on, I've had a watch on eBay for some time looking for a nice example of the R517 good yard crane. It's basically the crane part of R127 operating crane truck mounted on a small platform.

The crane is a very nice model and would benefit from a detailing kit (there was one, but it's no longer available) for use on more finescale railways. 

Anyway, the R517 is popular and usually sells for around £20, but then on the MRC Second-hand sales web page, there was the Tri-ang version for a tenner! 

When the model arrived, it was mint. Even the original yellow tissue paper was in the box. It's too good to use on a model railway, so will head to the Tri-ang collection once I've finished playing with it.

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