Saturday, April 10, 2021

Saturday Film Club: Supeglue and accelerators


I use a lot of superglue, so when Mythbusters Adam Savage recorded a video on the glue, it was going to be worth a look. There's a lot of good advice in here, especially the baking soda trick, that also turns the glue into a filler. 

He's a bit wooly on the origins of the glue and what makes it set though - but reading the comments clarifies matters a lot. Very entertaining though.


davee52uk said...

Not a comment on this video. Yesterday whilst working on Leamington Station garden, I saw a class 66 with what I thought was your name in the nameplate. Have they named one in your honour or is it another "Phil Parker"?

Love the blogs.

Anonymous said...

Specsavers spring to mind.

66710 Phil Packer (BRIT)

BRIT British Inspiration Trust

Brian G

Phil Parker said...

So close! Maybe one day...