Friday, April 23, 2021

Lima operating accessories

Through the post with the Taylor & McKenna plastic bags, was a 1978/9 Lima catalogue. Inside was temptation: 

Lima 1978 catalogue

Lima 1978 catalogue

Now, I'm sure the Automatic Car Unloader has been in the Hornby range recently, although I can't find a listing for it at the moment. The Drive Through Coach wash looks familiar too, but what about the rest? 

I really fancy the Rolling Stock Transporter - and I'm sure it has masses of play value as well as being realistic since very little rolling stock travels by rail nowadays, at least when it's going to works or on holiday to preserved railway line. 

The Engine Shed with a traverser looks a bit nifty too, but I'm not sure about the engine shed with swinging thing in front of it, what's that all about? 

Anyway, this has provided a whole new range I need to add to my operating accessories collection. In the meantime, I've already started lobbying the Big H to get these back in the range!


Simon Hargraves said...

This brings back happy memories...I had the 600961 container terminal with crane which was great fun, although even 13 year old me realised that we didn't quite do things that way (ie piggy back the container and trailer onto a wagon) in Britain.
I quite like the engine shed with the odd little sector plate thing...reminds me a bit of the arrangement at Swanage shed although of course that is a turntable.

Matthias Wiesmann said...

I modified one instance of the sector table so that tracks are at the same end and also modified for 3-rail operation:

Michael Campbell said...

I had the container/lorry trailer crane too, in fact I might still have the lorries somewhere. It wasn't much use as the wagon couplings were incompatible with tension locks, but it had great play value.