Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Hood update


I've been asked for a HMS Hood update - my dad's boat hasn't appeared on the blog for a while. 

The photo (click for a bigger version) shows the current state of play. Progress has been slow as he's found other things to do, and also suffers from the same lockdown lack of motivation that I've endured. 

Anyway, the hull in in high-build primer and ready to be fitted with the mechanical bits. As the person most skilled with the electric sander, I'm due to give it a final smoothing and more primer when the weather warms up. It probably needs a couple more goes and then we'll be happy. The sanding sealer will make it watertight, so no worries there. 

After that, there is a growing collection of sub-assemblies, not all of which are in the photo. One change is to replace the gun turret supports with plastic tube rather than the slices of MDF provided for a smoother look. 

I like the flotilla of little boats that are part of the bigger model. You are probably seeing them larger than life size on your screen. There are also guns and loads of details waiting to go on. 

Maybe this year we'll get cracking. Putting the hull on the water will help, and with a bit of luck I'll get a handle on my workload and enthusiasm and help out. We would love to sail this at our boat club navy day. But then we said that last year!


Pete said...


Only a week behind with the comment due to other work.

Thanks for the update, it looks really good and it will be nice to see on the pond. Not knowing the kit, is it designed to be motorised or are you doing a conversion?

I always find with long projects that there is a mid point when thinks seem to stop and nothing seems to gets done and enthusiasm fades, but in fact there are lots of small thinks/parts/jobs occurring. Sometimes i will put it to one side for a while, do something else then come back (refreshed may not be the right word) and crack on but there is always that point when all of a sudden it all seem to come together in a short space of time.

Hope you both keep going and look forward to future updates - if possible.



Phil Parker said...

The kit is designed as a static model, but Hachette sell a motorisiation kit. Except that we aren't going to use that as we think we can do better.