Sunday, April 25, 2021

First chip buttie'n'sail of 2021. Now pay attention Parker!


With Covid restrictions lifted for a while, my dad and I have been able to resume our weekly trip to the model boat club for a chip buttie and sailing session. 

A sunny evening in the countryside is just the ticket. It gets me away from the screen for a while, and there is something relaxing about pootling around the lake lazily with a model boat. I think it's a form of mindfulness - you need to pay attention but not too much and so you can't help but relax. 

The buttie? Well, it's teatime and while I'm sure some sun-dried tomatoes and humus would be healthier, they wouldn't taste as nice. As a bonus, the table gets a good spray of anti-bacterial cleaner so it keeps the club hygienic. 

What did I say about paying attention? It seems I'm a bit rusty when it comes to sailing...

Still, no harm done. Once I'd pulled the weed out of the propeller anyway!

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Simon Hargraves said...

When I was a child growing up in Hastings, there was a decent sized pond used for model boating in the's now gone all environmental and is full of wetland plants so would be unusable for model boats, sadly.
It's good to see that you still have the facility to sail your boats having built them, I think a strong club is a great help in keeping this sort of amenity going.
Back in the 1980s when I was a member of Eastbourne MRS, our clubhouse was next to that of the Model Yacht Club and I'm pleased to see from checking their website that it seems there's still activity, both sail and powered, at the site.
Must admit that model boating is something I've never really tried although I did get part way through building a Calder Craft "Attacker" patrol boat years ago...I forget what happened to it though...and then there's the ancient 36R yacht that I might do something with one day!
All the best and keep enjoying the simple pleasures,