Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Paint clips


I'm a sucker for interesting tools, and so while ordering the Jimney kit, I also picked up some of these "Useful Paint Clips". 

What I have, is a bag of crocodile clips mounted on 13cm long sticks. 20 of them.

I gather from the packing, that there is another part to the tool - a base that the sticks are poked into for support. I have no idea where that is in the massive website, but don't really care. Those sticks can be poked into some polystyrene just as easily, or into a piece of wood with holes drilled into it. 

At 18p each, these seem like a bit of a bargain. I'll keep some on the modelling bench to use while soldering and the rest in the garage next to the airbrush.


Paul B. said...

Got some, used them, very useful, especially for plastic kits.
Also jolly useful are small blocks of wood glued to larger flat pieces with blu-tack stuck on top, I have several that will fit inside loco bodies.

James Finister said...

They look like the sort of thing you might find other uses for over time

Anonymous said...

When I was in Japan, I saw this and the base made up of multiple layers of corrugated cardboard, about 8x6x1 inches. The corrugations standing on end allow you to shove the pointy end into it.

Phil Parker said...

Thank you! That sounds like a really clever idea - and very makable.