Thursday, April 08, 2021

Taylor & McKenna bags


Some great post arrives - a package containing a load of old model railway catalogues which we'll look at another day, and the prize - two Taylor & McKenna bags. 

Old readers might look at these and recognise the family resemblance to the yellow carried bags of the wonderful chain of model shops - Beatties.  

I didn't know that there were specific T&M bags, when they were absorbed by the rest of the chain, surely they should have been re-branded? Obviously not. 

I remember the Banbury shop, but an sure it had become Beatties by the time I knew it. 

Still, two more prize exhibits for my collection. One day, I'll find the time to put it online, but for the moment you'll just have to put up with me going on about it here. Does anyone else collect old modelshop memorabilia, or just me?


Simon Hargraves said...

The only time I remember going in a T&M was their Bletchley branch in about 1981 where I bought some Graham Farish wagons though I can't remember whether I put them in a bag!
At about the same time I bought some Graham Farish points and an 08 though that was from Beatties in Brighton when it was still in the larger shop at thd corner of Dyke Road. Don't know what happened to the GF stuff except that the 08 chassis ended up under a Chivers "Harlech Castle".

SmallScaleDesigns said...

Ah! Beaties; what memories that name conjures up. When I was a wee lad I used to catch the bus from The Griffin at Whetstone to their Southgate shop and spend my few pennies on bits for my 6x4 OO layout and marvel at the latest models and innovations that were far outside my meagre finances; but the dreams they conjured up. Life was so much simpler then or so they tell me.