Thursday, April 22, 2021

Signal boxes, mud and measuring tools in May's BRM


"Of course I can do two signal boxes for this issue", I said when talking in a meeting about the May issue of BRM. I'd already booked the Dexter's Cove model in for a build, but we had an Oxford Rail ready-to-plonk model in, and putting an interiors inside both seemed like a good idea. 

So it is, I've completed a couple of models - both of which took a bit longer than expected, but provide a variety of coverage for the topic in a single issue. The regular reader will know that the interior build didn't entirely go to plan either

On the review pages, I take a look at Volume 3 of the Building a Model Railway series of DVD's - complete with a lovely mugshot of Ten Commandments Dave that I'm sure I'll get stick for next time we meet at a show...

There's also a look at the new Mr Hobby Weathering Paste range - or pots of mud for modellers (one of my colleagues suggested a different substance, but this is a family magazine) which I've used on the tractor weathered he a few weeks ago

Finally, over on BRM TV, I grab all the measuring tools near my workbench and talk people through using them. 

All this, and more in the May 2021 issue of BRM.

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