Saturday, April 03, 2021

Saturday Film Club: A look around an IC125

My mate Anthony wanders around an Intercity 125 with a camera - and makes a really good job of it.


Simon Hargraves said...

Thanks for that Phil, brings back a lot of memories.
At Didcot Station in 1976 as part of a school party visiting the museum, we'd got off our HST from Paddington and seen two new things, firstly a yellow line some distance from the edge of the platform, secondly a small sign on a pole telling us that "High Speed Trains Pass This Platform, Stay Behind The Yellow line"
Our train accelerated away and within a couple of minutes another followed it at line speed, lights on, horn blaring and the noise was something else!
One lad grabbed hold of the pole that the sign was on and wouldn't let go.
Several of the older boys were anti-HST as they'd replaced their beloved Westerns but us younger ones were awed by the new trains. Pretty amazing that over 45 years later they are still running...

Phil Parker said...

It's scary to realise how long these things have been around. Mind you, I remember the introduction of the Class 58, now long gone. As for the Ford Sierra - it makes me feel old!

Grahame Every said...

I volunteer at my local preserved railway: last summer we took delivery of some mark 3 coaches and a DVT! If I don't keep moving, I'll end up in a display case myself! I spent some of my working life looking after the lineside part of the ATP equipment fitted to the 125s on the Western Region. Now they are museum pieces, so is the successor stock with DVTs, but the small children who come to our railway still want to see and hear and ride behind a steam engine. No coal soon, so they might have to bring their own sack.